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John M. Jennings delivers sometimes odd, frequently quirky, but always interesting facts twice weekly. He’s all about big ideas that shift your worldview and change how you think about things—so you can THINK BETTER & LIVE BETTER. If you love learning about new and unexpected things, making correlations, and drawing conclusions, then you’ll love the IFOD (scroll down to subscribe).

Meet John M. Jennings

John M. Jennings is president and chief strategist of St. Louis Trust & Family Office, a $15 billion wealth management firm. As an author and speaker, he is a leading voice in the space of wealth management and leadership. His book, The Uncertainty Solution, is an engaging dive into investing philosophy and best practices as well as an authorita­tive, accessible guide for anyone who feels inundated with financial news and data. “A must-have addition to anyone’s reading list,” says Charles R. Schwab. Jennings is also the author of the highly acclaimed IFOD blog, is an adjunct professor at Washington University’s Olin Business School, and frequently writes on wealth management topics for Forbes. He has finance and law degrees from the University of Missouri and a professional certificate in Decision Making and Behavioral Finance from Harvard.


The Uncertainty Solution will help you make better investment decisions and have better investment behavior—this book will help you think better and live better.


John brings a unique combination of personal experience, technical expertise, corporate leadership, and his trademark charisma to his public speaking engagements.


John is a frequent contributor to Forbes and is also the author of the popular INTERESTING FACT of the DAY (IFOD) blog.  

The uncertainty Solution


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"A must-have addition to anyone interested in developing habits that will make them a more successful life-long investor.”

—Charles R. (“Chuck”) Schwab, Co-Chairman and Founder, the Charles Schwab Corporation

“Clear, logical, and well-researched. 'The Uncertainty Solution' makes the complex understandable and somehow does so while having fun along the way.”

—Kim Walker, retired Chief Investment Officer of the Washington University Investment Management Company

“John M. Jennings is a premier thought leader in the wealth management industry. If you’d like to have more money in the future, I highly recommend this engaging and accessible book about how to think better about investing.”

—James S. Turley, Retired Chair and CEO of Ernst & Young

“If you want to learn how investing really works and cut through all the hype, start with this brilliant book.”

—Patrick Geddes, Cofounder of Aperio Group and author of Transparent Investing

“Jennings shows that success requires embracing uncertainty and preparing for it through the development of an investment plan that is well diversified and lays out simple algorithmic rules of engagement.”

—Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer of Buckingham Wealth Partners and the co-author of Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing

“'The Uncertainty Solution' identifies the worst of our bad behaviors and helps us navigate the randomness of the stock market. Any investor would benefit from John M. Jennings’ insights and advice.”

—Craig Lazzara, Managing Director of S&P Dow Jones Indices

St. Louis Trust & Family Office

We help wealthy families across the country navigate—and simplify—their complex financial and personal lives.

We help wealthy families across the country navigate—and simplify—their complex financial and personal lives.

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