My Forbes Articles

I’ve been a Forbes Contributor since 2019. I write about wealth management topics. Here’s a running list of my articles in reverse chronological order:

For Bond Investors, Here’s Why The Recent Rise In Rates Is Actually Good News

Black Monday: The Improbable Crash, Its Causes, And Timeless Lessons For Investors

Debunking The Myth: The Surprising Truth About Lottery Winners And Life Satisfaction

Information Overload: Unraveling The Paradox Of Investment Knowledge

Riding The Debt Ceiling Roller Coaster: Guidance For Investors Amid Uncertainty

The Investing Blind Spot You Can’t Afford To Ignore

The Psychology Of Panic: What Toilet Paper Hoarding Teaches Us About Silicon Valley Bank’s Failure

How To Manage Private Equity Capital Calls

What Will The Market Return In 2023?

What Planning Should You Do Prior To Selling Your Company?

The Difference Between Experience And Expertise

Three Rules For Successful Bear Market Investing

The Paradox Of The Herd

Beware High-Water Mark Thinking

Three Essential Wealth And Life Lessons From “The Watermen”

How To Be An Effective Trustee

Top Tips For Effective Charitable Giving

The Paradox Of $1 Million

Should You Invest Like A University Endowment?

What Will The Stock Market Return In 2022?

Four Proven Ways To Buy Happiness With Money

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: What House Democrats’ Tax Proposals Mean For The Wealthy

Should You Set Up A Donor Advised Fund Or A Private Foundation?

Five Ways To Be A Terrible Investor

Preserving Wealth Is A Very Different Discipline Than Creating It

The Seven Deadly Sins Of The Wealth Management Industry

What Can The Wealthy Do About Biden’s Proposed Tax Increases?

Four Lessons From The Big Stuck Boat Debacle

It’s Okay To Invest Near The Top Of The Market

Investors, Don’t Succumb To The Fear Of Missing Out

What 2020 Taught Us About The Stock Market

The Minsky Moment: Why Stability Leads To Panic And What To Do About It

What Will The Stock Market Return In 2021?

How Applying Regression To The Mean Can Improve Investment Performance

How To Use Irrevocable Gift Trusts To Take Advantage Of Your Estate And Gift Tax Exemptions

You’ve Received An Influx Of Cash. Is It Best To Invest It As A Lump Sum Or By Dollar-Cost Averaging?

The Perils Of Confusing Predictive Models With Explanatory Models

Beating The Market Is Simple But Not Easy

Why It’s So Hard To Beat The Market

How To Decide What Your Family Office Should Outsource

Higher Taxes Are Coming – Here’s How To Prepare

How To Conduct Family Meetings That Don’t Turn Into An Episode Of ‘Succession’

Why The Stock Market Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Five Ways To Make Peace With Uncertainty Despite Our Worst Instincts

Want To Become A Better Investor? Look To The Wisdom Hierarchy

Five Planning Ideas To Make A Bear Market More Bearable

Why The Looming Recession Doesn’t Mean You Should Sell Out Of The Stock Market

Don’t Panic! 5 Strategies For Controlling Your Fear About Stock Market Turbulence

What Should You Do With Your Investment Portfolio As The Coronavirus Continues To Spread? (Hint: Don’t Panic)

4 Ways Wealthy Families Protect Their Assets From Lawsuits

5 Books That Will Challenge Everything You Thought You Knew About Investing

What Will The Stock Market Return in 2020?

Thinking About Giving Up Your U.S. Citizenship to Save On Taxes? Consider These Practicalities First.

Could Giving Up U.S. Citizenship Help Wealthy Americans Reduce Their Tax Burden?

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