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The Uncertainty Solution is a must-have addition to anyone’s reading list who is interested in developing habits that will make them a more successful life-long investor.”

—Charles R. (“Chuck”) Schwab

Co-Chairman and Founder, the Charles Schwab Corporation

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, whether in investing or in life. In this clear, logical, and well-researched book, Jennings eschews jargon, weaving engaging stories to imprint mental models that facilitate good decision-making not only in the investment realm but in the world beyond. The Uncertainty Solution makes the complex understandable and somehow does so while having fun along the way.”

—Kim Walker

retired Chief Investment Officer of the Washington University Investment Management Company

“Jennings is a premier thought leader in the wealth management industry. Weaving together stories and research in The Uncertainty Solution, he provides investors with mental models to make better decisions and practice better investment behavior. If you’d like to have more money in the future, I highly recommend this engaging and accessible book about how to think better about investing.”
—James S. Turley

Retired Chair and CEO of Ernst & Young

“In The Uncertainty Solution, Jennings provides exactly what you need to know about investing, even though it’s really about how the mind works. Through his clever storytelling and examples, he delivers terrific insights into what can be a complicated topic but in a very accessible and entertaining way. If you want to learn how investing really works and cut through all the hype, start with this brilliant book.”
—Patrick Geddes

Cofounder of Aperio Group and author of Transparent Investing

“Jennings shows why successful investing requires accepting that the investment world is full of uncertainty and randomness and that the future is unpredictable. However, he also shows that investors aren’t powerless in the face of uncertainty. In fact, the key to success is to shut out the noise of the markets and the media, ignore the forecasts of market gurus, avoid making decisions based on fear or greed, and avoid the mistakes of loss aversion, overconfidence, and hindsight bias. Success requires embracing uncertainty and preparing for it through the development of an investment plan that is well diversified and lays out simple algorithmic rules of engagement, such as when to rebalance.”

—Larry Swedroe

Chief Research Officer of Buckingham Wealth Partners and the co-author of Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing

“The habits that serve us well in most of life serve us badly in investment management. In most things, for example, the past is a perfectly useful guide to the future—but not when it comes to investing money, where uncertainty and luck play a far larger role than most people realize. The Uncertainty Solution identifies the worst of our bad behaviors and helps us navigate the randomness of the stock market. Any investor would benefit from John M. Jennings’ insights and advice.”
—Craig Lazzara

Managing Director of S&P Dow Jones Indices

“The financial world is full of people trying to sell you certainty. Gurus. Forecasts. People bragging about the size of their spreadsheets. There is only one problem: Certainty is easy to sell…but impossible to deliver. What Jennings has done instead is to get us the tools to navigate the ever-changing landscape of markets.”

—Carl Richards

Morningstar Advisor columnist and creator of the Sketch Guy column published in The New York Times

“I read investment books for a living basically and yours is one of the best I’ve ever read.”

—We Study Billionaires Podcast

“I cannot recommend this book enough. It’s going to really change the way you think about investing.”

—Steve Gordon of The Authority Builder Podcast

“I love this book because [it talks] about uncertainty in this way that I think is really important for people to understand.”

—The Motely Fool Podcast

“We’re talking about a new book that you need to get.”

—The Financial Survival Network

“Go get the book. I think there’s not just going to be wealth management tips in there. I think there’s going to be lots of life lessons in there.”

—Business Success & Coffee Podcast

“[Jennings’s] consistent clarification of the ways the human mind reflexively seeks patterns (even when it has to create them out of nothing) makes for fascinating reading. A clear-eyed and page-turning attempt to demystify the human element of investing.”

—Kirkus Reviews

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