John Covers a Variety of Topics

  • Why are normal responses to uncertainty counterproductive and how can they lead to poor investment choices?
  • How can cultivating a latticework of investment models help deal with uncertainty in the investment realm?
  • What does good investing behavior look like?
  • How does a dislike of uncertainty impact investors’ actions?

On the Air

NPR – The WGVU Morning Show, a newsmagazine talk-show format on the local NPR affiliate

In Print

The Best Investing Book of 2023 – Read it here
by Alex & Books, Newsletter

The Quest to Understand Investing: Lessons Learned from ‘The Uncertainty Solution’​ by John M. Jennings – Read it here
by Christine McQuilkin, LinkedIn

Mastering The Art Of Investing In Uncertain Times: John M. Jennings’ Groundbreaking New Book Proves ‘Investors Are Not Powerless’ – Read it here
by Javier Hasse, Benziga

The Investing Blind Spot You Can’t Afford To Ignore – Read it here
by John M. Jennings, Forbes

The Psychology Of Panic: What Toilet Paper Hoarding Teaches Us About Silicon Valley Bank’s Failure – Read it here
by John M. Jennings, Forbes

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