Brain Power

by | May 16, 2017


Brains of newborn humans require 87% of the body’s metabolic energy to operate and grow. By age five, the energy requirement drops to 44% of the body’s energy. As adults, even though our brains make up only about 2% of our body weight (at a normal body weight), it still requires about 20% of the body’s energy.


  1. I now know what my golf problem is. I am an older adult, therefore much lower energy than I had as a young adult. The golf swing requires complex brain function to coordinate all the body activity required to properly hit the ball. Therefore, to much of my energy is consumed by the brain, which leaves to little energy available to drive the ball the 300 yards my brain imagines it is going to travel. The result another 150 yard drive, hence another double boggy. Walla, problem solved, quite using my brain when I play golf, its a stupid game anyway.

  2. Sometimes I think my brain uses much less 🙂


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