Happy Backward Day!

by | Jan 31, 2023


Today is National Backward Day, a national holiday that has been celebrated since 1961. The point of Backward Day is to look at how we usually do things and consider doing them backward.

My morning guided meditation — the Daily Calm on the Calm app — mentioned the great Seinfeld episode where George Costanza decided that because his life wasn’t working out as he’d like that he’d do the opposite of what he usually did. He approached an attractive woman and revealed that he was unemployed and lived with his parents — and got a date with her. He was insulting to a potential employer during a job interview — and got the job. And so on. It’s a great episode that highlights that sometimes doing things differently works out well. Here’s a clip from George’s opposite day:

Backward Day is a great time to experiment with doing things differently. Here are some small things you can do to change up your day:

  • Eat completely different foods than usual. If you go out to lunch, go to a new restaurant. Or order something different at your usual place. Maybe have breakfast for lunch or dinner?
  • Wear clothes that you never wear.
  • Drive a different route to or from work.
  • Walk backward to the bathroom a few times during the day.
  • Try writing and doing other activities with your non-dominant hand.
  • Converse and connect with people you don’t usually talk with.

Maybe doing things a bit differently today will provide a different perspective, make your day more fun/memorable, and might even teach you something.

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