One Way to Slow Ageing

by | Apr 18, 2018


A study published last year out of BYU concludes that exercise can slow ageing. The study, “Physical activity and telomere length in U.S. men and women” looked at the effects of physical activity on telomere length.


Telomeres are nucleoprotein caps positioned at the end of chromosomes. These caps serve to protect our DNA from damage. As we age, the telomeres shorten which results in gradual cell deterioration. The BYU study, using data on 5823 adults, found that regular exercise was related to significantly longer telomeres. The research found the longer telomeres found in active adults accounted for 9 years of reduced cellular aging! The activity level of the adults who showed 9 years of reduced cellular ageing exercised equivalent to running 40 minutes 5x a week.

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  1. “Aging!”

    • It’s spelled both ways. “Aging” is more common in the U.S. and “ageing” is more common in the U.K. but both are acceptable. That being said, I should have used “aging” to avoid confusion. Thanks.

  2. Well, playing golf while on a horse has to either makes you age more slowly or may wipe you out completely, in one tragic incident.
    Also, we may need some statisticians and quantum physicists to figure out if Ted’s golf game & Michael’s horse will allow them to finish “in the money”.
    If Ted has a 12 handicap, & the horse (let’s call the horse, LongShot) has a 12-1 handicap….Well then I’m pretty sure that the horse will win, unless they are on the same team in a scramble.
    BTW, I’m pretty sure horses will not be allowed on the greens, like carts….for various reasons.

  3. Not true, riding a horse Burns the same calories as walking at a 3 mph pace.

  4. Guess I need to start playing more golf. Twice a week won’t cut it. Please call my wife and inform her that I require at least 5 rounds a week. Also, please inform your father that riding a horse constitutes exercise for the horse but does nothing for the rider.


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