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by | Apr 3, 2017

My daughter will be attending McKendree University in Lebanon, IL in the fall.  I recently came across a blog of someone who is driving to all the Lebanons in the United States.  It turns out that there is a town named Lebanon in 29 states!!!! Here’s a map of all the Lebanons in the U.S.:


What are other common city names are in the most states?  Here are the top ones:

  • Town name in most states: Riverside found in 46 states.  Only Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana and Oklahoma are without a Riverside.
  • Centerville: 43 states.
  • Fairview: 40
  • Franklin: 39
  • Midway: 39
  • Union: 37
  • Greenwood: 37
  • Salem: 36
  • Marion: 38
  • Glendale: 36
  • Fairield: 35
  • Lincoln: 35
  • Pleasant Valley: 35
  • Georgetown: 35
  • Oakland: 35
  • Liberty: 35
  • Clinton: 34
  • Bethel: 34
  • Springfield: Now we get to Springfield.  Which I would have assumed was among the most common names, yet it only ranks tied for 17, being found in 34 states. The most populous Springfield is Springfield, Missouri.
  • Greenville: 34
  • Florence: 34

A fascinating tidbit in researching this IFOD – many states have towns of the same name.  Missouri has two Lebanons and there are 54 total towns named Lebanon in the U.S. There are five Springfields in Wisconsin. There are 186 total Riversides among the 46 states which have a Riverside. There are 273 Fairviews and 257 Midways.  Internationally, the most common name for a city is San Juan with 1,716 followed by San Antonio with 1,691.

Some sources: http://www.cntraveler.com/stories/2015-08-17/does-every-state-really-have-a-springfield-ken-jennings






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