Stuff Introduced Since the Original iPhone in 2007

by | Sep 13, 2017


The original iPhone (2007) – these are now all the rage in North Korea!

Yesterday, Apple unveiled it’s 10th anniversary iPhone – the iPhone X. The original iPhone, released in 2007, was a stunning achievement and the smartphone revolution it spawned has changed the world.  What sort of other notable tech achievements  have been introduced since the iPhone?  Here’s a list of some – please use the comment section to add any you think should be on this list. In no particular order:


Instagram – a bigger deal the younger you are!


Twitter – it helped elect Donald Trump!


Snapchat – I don’t understand the appeal of this one.


Uber – who knew so many people wanted to be taxi drivers?!


Romphim – the future of men’s fashion?


Large Hadron Collider – confirmed existence of the Higgs Boson and didn’t create a black hole that ate the Earth as some predicted!


Tesla – super fast and sexy electric cars! Not sexy? Well Elon Musk begs to differ. Tesla currently has the Model S and Model X. They tried to call the Model 3 the Model E but Jaguar sued them. So, they went with 3 because it looks like an E. After the Model 3 will come the Model Y. Those four models spell “S3XY”.


Kindle – I can fit my whole library in the palm of my hand!


Netflix – been around since 1997, but on-demand video-streaming was a post-iphone phenomenon. Without netflix there would be no “netflix and chill.”


Spotify and subscription streaming services. Most all of the music in the world at your finger-tips. Life changing.


Self-Driving Cars. Getting close but not there yet! Autonomous cars will have a HUGE effect in the future.


airbnb – Hey – can I sleep on your couch?!


Voice activated personal assistants – becoming less frustrating to use with every update!

And, finally, arguably the most significant discovery our species has made in the last few hundred years (or maybe ever):


CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing. Will cover in an IFOD soon. AMAZING!

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  1. Most of those innovations (esp. if you add them together with emojis and older social media like Facebook) have changed the way we communicate, and not necessarily always in a good way.

    I agree with John on the point that DNA sequencing is a big deal. I am hoping I can print myself a new liver someday and watch full-fledged super humans play professional sports. Humans also need to learn how to manipulate our DNA to use photosynthesis so we can survive the overpopulation problems of the future…, I’m just sayin’, the future is going to be cool!


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