The Best Boat Name Ever

by | Feb 14, 2019

RSS Sir David Attenborough (not the best name ever)

Our firm is at the very tail end of doing a little refresh to our office space. As such, we have some conference rooms to name and are surveying our people to help name the rooms.

We have high hopes our group will come up with some great names as we previously successfully named our copy machines a few years ago when we acquired a huge new Ricoh copier and a few other smaller ones. The new big Ricoh was so impressive we decided it should have a name. After a survey and a vote, the clear winner for the big Ricoh was “Uncle Ricoh” which of course led to other copiers to be named “Pedro,” “Kip” and “Napoleon.”

Kip, Napoleon and Uncle Rico – characters in the amazing movie “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Sometimes, these group naming situations can go awry as it did in 2016 when the British Natural Environmental Research Council (“NERC”) asked the public to help it name it’s newest research ship. 32,000 names were suggested and hundreds of thousands of people voted on the name.

The name for the ship that was the landslide winner based on votes was “Boaty McBoatface.”

Which. Is. Awesome.

Unfortunately, the British NERC didn’t go with the results of the vote and instead gave the new ship the boring name “RSS Sir David Attenborough” – named after a British naturalist.

The NERC did name a small remote controlled submersible “Boaty McBoatface.” Booooo.



  1. My suggested name for one of the conference rooms is “HearditallB4”

    • That’s awesome

  2. I submitted Copy McCopyface for the copier contest, but no one got the reference. Failure…


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