The IFOD Turns One & Happy Groundhog’s Day

by | Feb 2, 2018


Groundhog’s Day might be my favorite holiday. It makes me giddy with merriment to think that this tradition of speculating whether a rodent saw its shadow so we can forecast the length of winter is still is carried on.

Today the IFOD turns one year old.  Thank you for your readership. I really enjoy researching and writing them. I enjoy the interaction with people which often results.

There are 440 email subscribers but people also come to the website via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In the past year 237 IFODs were published, with 238 comments, and 33,374 total views/clicks. Each day there are about 200 clicks.

The most clicked IFODs over the past year were:

443 for Jewish Achievement

407 for A Shocking Bitcoin Fact

290 for Ignorance and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

The least clicked IFODs tend to be Physics Fridays. I don’t care. I will continue to do them – its not about the clicks. Here are the bottom three (maybe click on them and give them some love):

58 for The Fuzzy Existence of Electrons

66 for We are All Stardust

69 for Altruism and Peacocks

In my opinion, the most consequential IFOD was this one: CRISPR/cas9

I’d love to add more subscribers over the next year. There’s a space to sign up for the email on this page.

Here’s a list of all the IFODs over the past year in reverse chronological order:

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  1. Happy birthday, and keep ‘em coming! I always enjoy reading them and learning something new.

  2. I had no idea IFOD was so young. I love reading it every day it comes out – even the physics!

  3. Happy Birthday – there is some strong foreshadowing in your message. Not only is Spring potentially not around the corner, neither is the end of IFOD. Live on!

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