There are two types of people . . .

by | Jul 18, 2019


I often get to ride with co-workers, family and friends in their cars and I’ve noticed that you can divide people into two categories:

  1. Those that use the “auto” setting on their car’s A/C and
  2. those who prefer to adjust it manually.

Personally, I am an “auto” type of guy and I cannot fathom why people with an auto feature on their car’s climate control choose manual. When I rent a car without auto it is an issue and I struggle. Big time.

But there are other ways that you can divide everyone in two groups. What is fascinating is that if you are in one group its hard to understand where the other group is coming from. That other group is CRAZY! More divisions of people into two groups:

  • People who eat meat and those that do not. I don’t eat meat. I think people who eat meat are CRAZY! Cooked animals.
  • Those who read books and those who do not. Wow not reading. What would I do with myself if I didn’t read? How can people not read? Those people are CRAZY!
  • Those who still subscribe to cable and those who have cut the cord. People who have cut the cord think those who still pay for cable are CRAZY!!!!
  • People who believe the earth is flat vs. the rest of us who believe it is round. To us “round earthers” the flat earth people are CRAZY!!! Yes, there are people who believe the earth is round: Flat Earth Society
  • iPhone owners vs. Android owners. I tried to use a friend’s Android recently and couldn’t figure out how to use it. I was like “why do you own this thing?” Android owners are CRAZY!!! I know that Android owners feel similarly. I wonder Windows Phone owners feel as strongly about their phones?
  • Mac users vs. PC users. Even though I love my iPhone and iPad, I feel totally lost when I use my wife’s Mac. How can she find anything? Mac owners are CRAZY!!
  • Those who like baseball vs. those who think it is slow and boring. Baseball fans love the strategy and gamesmanship and the steady rhythm of the game interspersed with bouts of excitement. Who doesn’t like America’s pastime? (I think its boring.)
  • People who go to concerts and those who don’t like concerts. I love concerts. I recently asked a co-worker what concerts he’d been to recently. He said he didn’t like concerts. What? How is that possible? My co-worker is CRAZY!
  • Some people like Facebook. It helps them keep up with friends and is interesting. Its where they get their news. Others think Facebook is destructive, a waste of time and has a negative impact on happiness. They eschew social media. (Social media does negatively impact happiness.)

Joke: There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who do not.

  • Those who are religious/have faith and those who do not. I bet people of faith wonder how the non-believing can have purpose, morality, raise their kids well, and live thinking that there is no afterlife. On the other hand, those who don’t believe wonder “how can they possibly believe that? There’s no proof.”
  • Those who like President Trump (or at least his policies) and think he is improving America vs. those who can’t understand how it is possible to think anything positive about Trump. Each side has no clue how the other can possibly view the world they way they do.

The LESSON: its hard to understand other people’s perspective and to refrain from being judgmental. BUT we’re all just fellow travelers through life doing the best we can. So, if you like having manual control over your A/C – go crazy!


  1. Good IFOD. Very true and were thinking about!

  2. John thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to more IFOD. Regarding the car ac I also wonder who uses fresh air as opposed to recirculating. When you are in traffic getting the fresh air from cars’s exhaust in front of you that is CRAZY!


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