What Did “Florida Man” Do On Your Birthday?

by | Nov 4, 2020


Here’s a bit of merriment in the midst of election uncertainty: type into the Google search bar your birthday (without the year) and then “Florida Man” and read through the top few headlines to see what Florida Man was was doing on your birthday. For example, if your birthday is today you would type “November 4 Florida Man.”

Here’s what Florida Man was doing on my birthday:

“Thong-wearing Florida man arrested while building shed with garbage on stranger’s property”

“Florida man buys $8 million island then steals from Kmart”

“Florida man who drank bottle of wine in Winn-Dixie causes hit-and-run crash, police say”

“Florida Man Shoveling Spaghetti in Mouth Arrested at Olive Garden”

Searching news headlines for Florida Man on your birthday and the birthdays of your friends and family is known as the Florida Man challenge and is super entertaining.

Note on the election: it could be days (or weeks if the Supreme Court gets involved) until we know the outcome of the Presidential Election. Dealing with uncertainty is hard. We humans are wired to want certainty and answers. While waiting for final results, recognize you don’t like the uncertainty and tell yourself there’s nothing you can do to speed things up. Sit in the discomfort of uncertainty. Focus on other things and try not to be caught up with all the back and forth. We’re just not going to know for awhile.

Also, try the Relaxing Breath. It works!


  1. Naked Florida man starts house fire while baking cookies on George Foreman grill

  2. Thanks for the fun distraction, John. My Google search returned:

    Florida Man Arrested After Pelting Girlfriend with McDonald’s Sweet and Sour Packets…

    Florida Man Accidentally Shoots Woman to Death During Foreplay, Officials Say…

    Florida Man Arrested on Child Abuse Charge After Victim Ate All the Cheez-Its and Drank All the Tea…

    Best regards, Mike W


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