YouTube is a Big Deal

by | May 12, 2022


YouTube is awesome. I use it to watch music videos, movie and TV clips, cat videos, tutorials for fixing things, and all sorts of things people post via social media. Speaking of cat videos, check out this adorable one: cats sharing food.

YouTube is huge. It is the second most visited website after Google (and Google owns YouTube). Here’s the ranking of the top sites visited in the month of November 2021


Plus, “youtube” is the third most popular search term on Google.

Some other YouTube facts:

  • YouTube boasts 2.6 Billion active monthly users.
  • That means 694,000 hours of video are streamed on YouTube each minute. That’s more than Netflix at 452,000 hours of video per minute (but well short of TikTok’s 167,000,000 hours per minute.)
  • 81% of internet users have used YouTube.
  • Music is popular on YouTube. The most common search on YouTube includes the word “song” and number two is “songs”
  • YouTube is global. Only about 16% of YouTube’s traffic is from the U.S. The largest user base for YouTube is in India.
  • Watching gaming is crazy popular on YouTube, as over 100 Billion hours were spent watching gaming and esports in 2020.

People watch a lot of YouTube videos on their phones as YouTube accounts for over 25% of all mobile traffic.


  1. You should do an ifod on top YouTuber (and Greenville, NC resident) Mr. Beast

  2. I think the cat video is running backwards!

  3. Thank you for the cat video. It reminds me of the good ole’ days of the mid to late aughts on the net.


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