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by | Jan 9, 2018

Today’s IFOD was a direct link to an article I wrote about a “one-stock challenge” I took part in recently.  My pick was a random stock ticker produced by a random stock generator on the world wide web.  It was a pretty interesting exercise.  Here’s that article:  One Stock Challenge

Here are links to other recent articles I’ve written on various investment matters recently:

  1. The Elements of Out-performance. This article discusses what factors are necessary in order to out-perform a benchmark/index. Link: Elements of Outperformance
  2. How to increase investment returns.  There are easier and harder ways to increase returns in your portfolio. This article discusses them: How To Increase Investment Returns
  3. Should I sell out of the stock market? This was from January 2017, but is as relevant in January 2018: Should I Sell Out of the Stock Market?
  4. Investing in trends is hard. This article addresses those difficulties and has some advice: The Trend Is Not Necessarily Your Friend
  5. Finally, this article does not concern investing, but rather wealth planning strategies, specifically things not to do: Misguided Planning Strategies


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